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Shared Hosting
How can I track hits and other performance ?
Where are your shared hostig servers located?
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Outgoing SMTP Port
Can I change MX record(s) for a domain?
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Which version of MySQL is available?
What is MySQL?
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Which PHP version is supported ?
I am trying to install open source php into my site. and it requires me to change some of the files' attributes to 777 using CHMOD ? How can I do that ?
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DNS & Domains
Whois Protector FAQ
Whois Protector FAQ
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Network Issues
What is ping ?
The network is slow. What should I do ?
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Linux Server
What choice of Linux Operating System do I have ?
I would like to know if I am able to schedule cron jobs with your Linux Shared Web Hosting?
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Offshore Web Hosting
What is meant by offshore e-business?
What are the main advantages of operating an e-business offshore?
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Dedicated Server
How can I do a hard reboot ?
How many IP address do I have with my dedicated server ?
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Front Page Extensions
What is the MS Frontpage version ?
Can I use earlier FP versions?
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File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
How do I access my FTP site?
How do I change File Permissions using FTP?
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Can I charge whatever I want to my customers as a reseller?
How do I create custom name servers using the shared name server IP's?
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Using Secure Server (SSL)
How do I order a SSL certificate?
How do I change file permissions via SSH?
What are some basic linux shell commands?
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What packages/plans do you offer?
Does Asia Pacific IT sell or share customer information to a third party?
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Someone is spamming my forms/blog/guestbook, what can I do to stop or report them?
My website is very slow. I am getting very slow response from web/vps/server, what is the problem?
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Which methods of payment are available?
How do I update my billing information?
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Extra Resources
How do I use symfony PHP web framework?
Do you provide GD extension in php?
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Control Panels
How do I use WebHost Manager (WHM)?
How do I login to my website control panel (cpanel)?
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Do you provide technical support over phone?
How do I password protect directories?
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